Olive oil in a dropper bottle

Olive oil in a dropper bottle


Olive Oil may help unblock your ear.
Olive oil often helps create a gap between the wax and the side of your ear canal. This may give some relief to the blocked feeling and can make it easier to remove the wax.
Directions for using olive oil: Lie on your side.  Put the olive oil down your canal as deep as possible then massage your ear (by holding a tissue over your ear) to try and get the olive oil to go between the wax and your ear canal. Then wait for about 10 mins. You may have to do this morning and night for 2- 7 days.  Once a gap forms between the wax and your ear canal, your ear may unblock and you may feel a bit better. The olive oil will also make it easier to suction the wax from your ear.


Olive oil helps to soften ear wax. This olive oil is in an easy to use 15 ml dropper bottle.


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