Diagnostic hearing test

Your Diagnositic Hearing Test at Auckland Hearing

Our primary focus at Auckland Hearing is assisting Adults with hearing loss to improve their communication with family, friends and colleagues. Your initial hearing test will help us to understand your hearing loss, and from there, we can discuss your hearing needs. If required, we will refer you to a doctor or specialist for further assessment.

A diagnostic hearing assessment for a GP or ENT specialist (includes report) will take about 30 minutes. If you were referred for a hearing test by your GP or Specialist or if the results require a referral, we will send a report with the hearing results.

A full hearing assessment is completed by the audiologist to establish hearing levels. This hearing test allows us to identify the reason for your hearing loss and then direct you to the best course of management.

If you would like to have an experience listening through some hearing aids, please let us know at the time we book the appointment as we will set aside 90 mins (no extra cost). This in-clinic hearing aid trial allows you to experience hearing with hearing aids and to feel what it is like to wear them.

The diagnostic hearing assessment is a battery of tests and assessments, these include:

After testing your hearing we will explain your degree of hearing loss and possible causes. If needed we write a report back to your GP or refer you to a specialist in the hospital or privately if needed. Hearing loss may be described as:

  • Conductive – where sound is blocked from reaching the cochlear (outer or middle ear)

  • Sensori-neural – where the cochlear is not able to detect all the sounds

  • An auditory processing disorder (APD) – where the brain cannot process the sound it detects.

If your hearing loss is effecting your lifestyle we can discuss possible options that might suit you.