• Filtered Earplugs that protect your hearing but still let you enjoy and feel the music. These offer either a 16dB or a 19dB level of protection.  
  • Sleep plugs fit nicely into your canal so they are comfortable to lie on. People usually get custom earmoulds for reasons of comfort and ease of use. They may, or may not, attenuate (reduce) more sound than well-fitted foam earplugs. This is because the attenuation of foam earplugs is variable depending on your ear canal size and how deep or tightly they are inserted. Sleep plugs cost $200 per pair (plus $60 for the impressions). PLEASE EMAIL US TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR YOUR IMPRESSIONS [email protected]
  • Pro series custom made soft silicone earplugs have many filter options that can range in attenuation; from with the lightest hearing protection filter giving softer attenuation for delicate and detailed acoustic performance to grade 5 hearing protection for industrial noise environment. Pro plugs allow musicians to stay within the safe limits of noise while keeping engaged with the performance, industrial workers to keep their hearing safe on the job and motorcycle riders to protect their hearing while having fun.
  • Swim Plugs Custom swim plugs
    Swim plugs can come in a variety of colours. They can be made of floatable material (red and blue colours). Custom earplugs work well for people with grommets or perforations (hole) in the eardrum. Custom earplugs are used for children or adults who have grommets or perforations, they stop water from getting into the middle ear space through the grommet or perforation. The earplugs stop the pain and possible infection for swimming or in the bath or shower. Exostoses (Surfers ear) Swim plugs also work for adults who have surfers ear (exostoses). Exostoses are bone growths in the ear canal that occur from spending a lot of time in cold water. These are very common in New Zealanders who suf or swim. The earplugs stop the cold water getting into the ear canal and stops the exostoses increasing in size. Swim plugs cost $200 per pair (plus $60 for impressions) Please email or call to make an appointment for impressions  [email protected]

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