Cerustop Wax Guards (8 per pack)


Available on backorder

Cerustop wax guards stop ear wax from penetrating into the hearing aids. Change them regularly to keep the hearing aids working well.

Cerustop wax guard for receiver-in-canal and custom hearing aids that use the Cerustop system. Phonak, Signia and Widex hearing aid brands this type of wax protections system.

GN Resound hearing aids also use the same size wax protection- the packaging looks different, but the Wax systems are the same.

Available on backorder


Cerustop wax protection systems are used for receiver-in-canal and custom hearing aids using the Cerustop. Cerustop wax guards are used in Phonak, Resound, Signia and Widex hearing aids.

Protect your hearing aids from wax build-up.


How to change your Wax Filters:

  1. Clean your earmould with a cloth
  2. Take out a black stick from the Wax Filter pack. There are two different ends to the black stick.
  3. Use the black end to pick up the old filer in the earmould
  4. Turn black stick around and insert the new filter (white end) into the now empty slot. It should fit snugly
  5. Dispose of the black stick
  6. Put dome back on
  7. They should be changed monthly.

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