Signia (previously Siemens) Hearing Aid Domes (pack of 6)


The Signia or Siemens domes come in open, semi-open, closed styles and double domes styles.

Open sizes: 4mm, 8mm, 10 mm

Semi-open ( one size only)

Closed: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Double domes: 8/10mm  and 10/12mm

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The domes are made from a highly adaptable, disposable soft-silicone. Click domes ensure comfort and retention of your hearing aids in your ears. They snap securely to your hearing aid receivers so they will not come off in your ear.

The domes help the hearing aid stay in your ear and help protect the receiver of your hearing aid.

To change the dome:

  1. Take the click dome strip (the packaging the domes come in), you will find an arrow pointing to the “dome puller”.
  2. Take the hearing aid receiver and fit the dome from the receiver to the “dome puller” on the strip.
  3. Pull the dome upwards using the dome strip, and push the receiver on an angle. They are designed to not pull straight off so they will not come out in your hear..
  4. Take a new click dome from the dome strip. Peel off the cover of the dome strip from behind.
  5. Take the new click dome and fit it into the receiver.

*Another method is to hold the dome with a tissue then snap the dome off (on an angle) and change to a new click dome.


Open / Closed Dome style

Open, Closed, Double Domes, Semi-Open


4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 8/10mm, 10mm, 10/12mm, Semi-open

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