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Our main focus at Auckland Hearing is assisting adults with hearing loss, to improve their communication with family, friends and colleagues. We will assess your hearing and find the right solution for you.



I only wish I had contacted her earlier – I’d been having hearing problems during conversations and during some lectures that I had...

Max Ross, Auckland CBD

Maree at Auckland Hearing guided me through the process of having my hearing professionally checked and then fitting and setting the hearing aids best suited for me. Totally professional and friendly service throughout. I would highly recommend Auckland Hearing to anyone.

M. Glover, Mt Wellington, Auckland

After several initial appointments with local Hearing facilities which proved less than satisfactory, we were interested to follow up a personal recommendation for Auckland Hearing. Maree was exceptionally patient and understanding in helping my elderly mother adjust to  hearing aids for the first time . She made every effort to ensure Mums hearing aids were suited to her needs, and after several visits Mums confidence is much improved .  We look forward to continuing our association with Maree and her clinic, they were a pleasure to deal with.

A. Golding, Pukekohe, South Auckland

What you want from any medical professional is someone who really listens to you (excuse the pun). Maree not only does that but also provides a relaxed and unpressured environment, taking time to make sure the solution is right. I have a hearing impairment that’s not common, but Maree helped work through that by offering different product solutions and free of charge adjustments. The result is a better quality of life. Thanks Auckland Hearing!!

Todd Bolton, Orthotic Centre (New Zealand) Limited

You really went out of your way to make things as easy as possible for me, you went the extra mile. Hard to find these days.  I would just like to say thanks.

I appreciate you letting me be your Guinea Pig for the new release aids you fitted me with.

Also found your fitting sessions information crammed and felt I had the full story of prices, quality and which aids suited my needs best. I’m still adjusting to them but getting used to them also.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. I will certainly recommend my hearing impaired acquaintances to you.

Serena and Lee Shaw, From Massey, West Auckland

I contacted Auckland Hearing because of difficulties in hearing both at church and within the family.

Auckland Hearing / Maree helped me by performing a hearing test. The result was an obvious need for hearing aids which were fitted [trialled] and I was able to test them at the café next door.

One thing I liked was their professional and understanding approach at a pace which enabled adjustment to the practice of wearing hearing aids. I found the experience extremely helpful; I found that I was able to not only accept the need for hearing aids but to  experience the many  benefits of improved hearing.  I’m grateful for the expert help offered at Auckland Hearing.

I would recommend Auckland Hearing to people who need  help to improve their hearing.

M Reynolds, Manurewa

After listening to a number of mutual friends giving me a “hard time” about getting my hearing checked, a friend suggested I see his audiologist, Maree O’Sullivan of “Auckland Hearing”

He’d evidently seen a number of audiologists over the years and said he couldn’t recommend Maree highly enough. Though I didn’t believe my hearing loss was bad enough to warrant a visit, as the ribbing from friends continued, I finally made an appointment.

What a delight!

Maree was able to explain in layman’s terms, the extent of my hearing loss and guided me to an aid that best suited my needs. I found her to be very pleasant, with the right blend of professionalism, efficiency and patience to overcome my various concerns and early ‘teething’ problems, with her on-going support.

So thank you Maree, and, for anyone needing to see an audiologist, I concur with my good friend, I can’t recommend you highly enough!

Barb, Ellerslie

I contacted Auckland Hearing because for the past few years, it was becoming more & more difficult to hear conversations where there was even a moderate amount of  surrounding noise, as well as having great difficulty in hearing the dialogue when watching T.V.

During a trip to Canada last year, a friend of my daughter mentioned how much more enjoyable his life had become since having hearing aids fitted, so I decided to do likewise on returning home. As luck would have it Auckland Hearing were running an advertisement in the local newspaper, offering a free hearing test, as well as a week’s free trial of a pair of hearing aids

Auckland Hearing / Maree helped by conducting a hearing test for me, then fitted me with a pair of hearing aids, which would be on loan for one week at no charge to me.

The result was that my hearing capabilities improved immediately, and a good example was that during my “trial week”, I attended a gathering of over 600 people, and was able to hear conversation directed at me , even though there was an abundance of extraneous noise surrounding me.

My enjoyment  of television programmes  has also improved immeasureably, where previously I could only guess at what was being said !

One thing I liked , was their ease of fitting, and their unobtrusiveness tucked behind my ears.

I found this experience lived up to my expectation, after hearing my daughter’s friend’s experience, during my stay in Canada.

I would recommend Auckland Hearing to people who wish to enhance their life , and need to go through this procedure.

Percy Kai Fong, Remuera

After unsuccessfully trying to get hearing aids via ACC and knowing the cost of them, I consulted Auckland Hearing.

I felt very relaxed with Maree as several options were put forward. Knowing costs from other sources I was happy with the firm quotes given. Decision made.

It all went well from there – with fitting, follow up fine tuning and final appointment to see that my goals had been met.

Very discrete hearing aids – lots of people are unaware of them.

Now I can enjoy, once again, hearing things that had been lost to me.

Brain Armstrong, Half Moon Bay

I realised I had difficulty in hearing names and addresses on the phone and as part of my job is writing them down, it was a problem.

Auckland Hearing was on my doorstep so thought I would try it and see if they could help me.

Maree was so friendly and helpful, showed me all the options and talked me through them.  I tried two different fittings and each time she solved a problem, very helpful.  Nothing was too much trouble and it was a pleasure going to see her.

Its so wonderful to be hearing first time, without the usual “could you repeat that please”!!

I would definitely recommend Auckland Hearing to all my friends.

Denise Sampson, Ellerslie

I have had hearing problems for the past 10 to 15 years and experienced five different hearing clinics. Each of the clinics provided a reasonable level of technical and professional service but none helped me to understand the complexity of hearing loss and what I need to do to keep my hearing and hearing aids at best performance. I did not feel I was getting the best solution for my money. 

Each of the clinics were technically and professionally OK, but I didn’t feel that they had been adjusted to my hearing lifestyle and that I had been properly instructed in how to use them. I felt that I was being pushed through in minimum time for maximum efficiency .

I contacted Auckland Hearing because I was disappointed with my previous experiences. Auckland Hearing / Maree O’Sullivan helped me by her very thorough assessment of my hearing difficulties. She did the same tests as the previous clinics, but she spent more time explaining the nature of my hearing loss. She explored why I needed hearing aids (what I need to hear with my particular lifestyle) and ensuring that the new aids were adjusted as fully as possible to make up for my hearing loss and to feel comfortable.

The result was that I feel I have had excellent service and received the best hearing system for my budget (which was middle of the range). I learned a lot about my particular hearing loss and the process of learning and re-learning to hear with the new aids. The experience was really helpful.

It has given me more confidence about how to use my aids and get the best out of them. I’m now considering doing some volunteering work, something I could not have contemplated before I got these hearing aids.

I have since recommended Auckland Hearing to a friend who has lost his hearing through work-related activity.

Mairi Jay, Wanganui