Hearing aid funding – ACC

In New Zealand, there are various agencies that might be able to help with funding your hearing aids.  An audiologist must be a full member of the New Zealand Audiological Society (MNZAS) to be able to access the New Zealand hearing aid funding schemes.

At your appointment, we will discuss the funding options that may apply to you. Here we outline the funding options and give a information about the criteria they require before contributing to hearing aid cost.

Funding your hearing aids

  • Ministry of Health Hearing Aid Subsidy (they contibute $511.11 per hearing aid)

  • Ministry of Health Hearing Aid Funding Scheme ( they pay the cost price of apporived hearing devices)

  • Accident compensation corporation (ACC)

  • Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) –  WINZ contributes to the cost of hearing aids as long as you meet their criteria. They loan you money to go towards your hearing aids, and you pay it back from your pension over time.

  • New Zealand Audiological Society Hearing Aid Bank – Talk to your NZAS Audiologist for more information.

  • Some health insurance policies will cover you and your children’s hearing assessments or other appointments like consultations and wax removal.

    • If you are insured by Southern Cross we can claim directly using the Easy Claim system.
  • Some finance companies will provide funding for hearing aids.


Ministry of Health

The Ministry of health has two levels of funding: Hearing aid subsidy – this is available to all New Zealand residents. You must have a National Health (NHI) number, then we can apply for this subsidy on your behalf. The subsidy is for $511.11 per hearing aid and is available again after 6 years.

Hearing aid funding – is available to people who meet very strict criteria including having a community services card. People who meet the criteria for this scheme are often seen within the public hospital system. Funding covers the cost of the hearing aids, those seen in a private clinic pay a fitting fee.

Children’s hearing aids are provided for free through the public hospital system. This is for children aged 0 to 20, while they are in formal education.


Accident compensation corporation (ACC) has been covering the cost of hearing habilitation for people who have hearing loss due to workplace noise or other accidents since the scheme began in 1974.  There have been a couple of changes to the scheme over the past 5 years, now ACC ask claimants to go through an assessment process that includes: obtaining a clear work or accident history, a diagnostic hearing test and a visit with an ear, nose and throat specialist who will assess how much of the hearing loss is from an accident or from noise and how much is from other causes. From here they allocate the ACC funding level. Claimants are able to top up to a higher level or more expensive hearing aids if they choose to.  Please follow this link for more details about the ACC funding process.

At Auckland Hearing, we meet the criteria required for diagnostic hearing assessment ie an MNZAS qualified audiologist, a certified sound-treated room and calibrated and up to date hearing assessment equipment. Please contact us for your appointment.

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs fund hearing aids for those who have a service-related hearing loss. They fund lower end products, and at this stage, there is not an option for top up.  We can contact Vet affairs on your behalf if you are eligible for funding.  Often militarily related hearing loss is covered by ACC if the service has occurred since 1974.

New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS)

The New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS) has a hearing aid bank, with hearing aids donated from various hearing aid manufacturers.   There is also a limited amount of money available to fund hearing aids.  This money and hearing aids are available for people in extreme financial difficulty. If you feel you meet these criteria, we can apply to the NZAS on your behalf because Maree O’Sullivan is a full member of the NZAS.

Work and Income

People who receive a benefit from WINZ are eligible for a loan for hearing aids. Small amounts are then deducted from the benefit each week until the loan is paid off.