Swim Custom Ear Plugs


Swim plugs can come in a variety of colours. They can be made of floatable material (red and blue colours).

Custom earplugs work well for people with grommets or perforations (hole) in the eardrum.

Custom earplugs are used for children or adults who have grommets or perforations, they stop water from getting into the middle ear space through the grommet or perforation. The earplugs stop the pain and possible infection for swimming or in the bath or shower.

Exostoses (Surfers ear)

Swim plugs also work for adults who have surfers ear (exostoses). Exostoses are bone growths in the ear canal that occur from spending a lot of time in cold water. These are very common in New Zealanders who suf or swim. The earplugs stop the cold water getting into the ear canal and stops the exostoses increasing in size.

Swim plugs cost $200 per pair (plus $60 for impressions)

Please email or call to make an appointment for impressions 

[email protected]

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Floatable swim plugs: Standard swim plugs come in Red (right) and Blue (Left) colours, these are the only floatable colours.

Non – standard swim plugs and non-floatable and have an additional charge of $10 each. These include:

  • Colours include green, yellow, orange of pink fluoro or swirl (mix of 2 of these colours)
  • Clear, flesh tone
  • Glitter colours (non-floatable): red, blue, green, silver, gold – an additional charge of $10 each

Swim plugs cost $200 per pair (plus $60 for the impression appointment).

Please email or call to make an appointment for impressions 

[email protected]

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