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Every hearing aid brand has their strengths and areas they specialise in; like sound quality, ear to ear technology, speech in noise and hearing aids that work with your smartphone.  Learn more about hearing aids here.

At Auckland Hearing, we are passionate about your hearing. We offer the newest technology as it comes to the market.  We choose from a range of the New Zealand Ministry of Health approved models and brands of hearing aids. Here is some information from consumer Magazine about the hearing aid market in New Zealand. It is our goal to provide you with the best technology within your budget.

Many hearing aids can now be connected up to an app on your smartphone so you can use your phone as a remote control or talk hands-free on the phone. We will set this up for you.

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Hearing Aid Funding – ACC

In New Zealand, there are various agencies that might be able to help with funding your hearing aids.
At your appointment, we will discuss the funding options that may apply to you


Your hearing needs assessment

Once you are ready to trial hearing aids we will assess your hearing then ask you about your lifestyle, your hearing needs and your budget then choose the best option to meet your needs. More about the needs assessment process here.

We set aside one and a half hours to fully understand your needs and make sure you have the time to decide that of which hearing aids are right for you. During the appointment, you can listen to some hearing aids, so you get to experience wearing hearing aids, and to hear the sounds you have been missing.

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