Maree O’Sullivan – Your Independent Audiologist in Auckland

Maree O’Sullivan is an independent Audiologist working in her privately owned clinic in Ellerslie. Her focus is assisting adults with hearing loss, to improve their communication with family, friends and colleagues.

After the hearing test, Maree will clearly communicate your hearing results to you as well as your next steps, as required. These may include hearing or tinnitus management strategies, the trial of hearing devices or referral to another professional if needed.

If you are interested in trialing hearing devices, let us know so we can set aside time for you to have a listen in the clinic. This allows you to experience for yourself the benefits of hearing through hearing aids.

Maree O’SullivanB.Sc
M.Aud (Hons) CCC, MNZAS

Maree’s Experience

Maree O’Sullivan (previously Maree Harper) has been working as an Audiologist in Auckland (mostly) for more than 20 years. She has worked in a variety of roles and work environments, including:

  • Tertiary referral clinics (Australia and the UK), assessing adults and children with (sometimes) unusual hearing pathologies

  • Looking after the clinical training of students in the Masters of Audiology program at the University of Auckland at the Tamaki campus

  • For hearing aid manufacturers in both sales and general manger roles

  • For private hearing companies, both listed companies and independently owned

  • Hospital Audiology clinics including Starship, North Shore and Waitakere

  • Work as a locum Audiologist has included working in clinics in Auckland and around New Zealand, mostly with adults with hearing aids.  See her LinkedIn profile for more details.

Maree has the experience to accurately assess your hearing, spend time finding out about your hearing challenges and personalise a solution to best meet your needs.

New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS)

Maree has been a Full Member of the New Zealand Audiological Society (MNZAS) since completing the her Clinical Certificate of Competence (CCC) in 1997.

The letters NMZAS CCC when signed next to an Audiologists name means they have met strict clinical requirements and must continue up skilling and training to remain a member.

Please see the New Zealand Audiological Society website for more details about the benefits of seeing an NZAS Audiologist.

On a personal level

Maree lives in Ellerslie with her husband and twin boys. Maree is the owner / operator of Auckland Hearing.

“There is nothing better than seeing the change in people once they can hear again.  They are able to engage in easy conversations, become more confident (as they are sure what was said – the first time) and begin to fully participate in their own life. They come back to the clinic and are visibly more relaxed and laugh and smile easily. Life just becomes more interesting for them. It is a gift to be part of this change.”

Maree O’Sullivan (Independent Audiologist)