Auckland Ear Wax Removal & Cleaning

Ear wax removal

Our ear canals have specialised cells that produce cerumen, commonly known as ear wax.  Ear wax is our natural ear cleaner; it also lubricates our ears and has an antibacterial function.

Some people have ear wax accumulation over time; they may have a narrow or bendy ear canal, or their natural wax system may not be working so well. Using cotton buds can disrupt the natural ear wax migration and even push the wax further down your ear canal.  Also sometimes using hearing aids or earplugs may stop the wax migrating out of your ear canal and this can cause wax build up.

Your ear canals must be clear of wax before we do a hearing assessment. We have a wax clinic set up at Auckland Hearing; where the Audiologist can remove your wax before the hearing test if needed.

When should I have my ear wax removed?

A wax blockage may affect the result of a hearing test because we are trying to find out the very quietest sounds you can hear. Even if there is only a partial blockage, we may still need to remove it.  Insert earphones are used to test your hearing, these go deep down into your ear canal, and we would not like to push wax further down your ear canal towards your eardrum.

If you have hearing aids or are thinking about getting them, a partial wax blockage is also likely to affect the way they work (possibly causing acoustic feedback or blocking sound ).

Before testing your hearing at Auckland Hearing, we will look in your ears to check your ear canals and eardrums are healthy and free of wax.  If your ears are blocked with wax, we will remove it before beginning the hearing test. In most cases, we can do this during your appointment.

Before your wax removal appointment

People are often tempted to use cotton buds or other items to clear their ears. This can push the wax further down the canal, further impacting the wax or may even push it onto the eardrum – which is very uncomfortable.  It is also possible to puncture the eardrum, which is very painful and can have long-lasting effects.  Please do not poke a cotton bud or anything else into your ear canal as it may push it towards your eardrum, and please do not use wax drops as in some cases this can melt the wax down onto your ear drum which can affect your hearing and make it more difficult to remove.

Ear wax removal
Diagnostic Hearing test

Thank you very much for seeing me today.  What a relief to be able to hear again.  Your reception, service and care was awesome and I so much appreciated it.  You made me smile again after a miserable weekend and previous days.

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