Custom Ear Plugs and In-Ear Monitors

Why get Custom Earplugs

Custom made earplugs take the shape of your ear, are often more comfortable than the standard foam earplugs and stay in your ears better. People with either very narrow ear canals or wider ear canals often get a more comfortable fit and better sound attenuation (sound reduction) with custom earplugs.

How are custom earplugs made?

We make ear impressions by putting a silicon-based material down into your ear canal. After about 5 minutes this goes hard and this is what we send off to the manufacturer to make your custom earplugs from.

Options for your earplugs

Earplugs come in a clear colour as standard. Most earplugs can come in the colour of your choice (colours cost $10 extra per plug).

Your appointment and time until your recieve your earplugs

Your appointment will take 15-30 minutes, during that time we will discuss your needs, choose the best earplugs for you and make impressions of your ears.  The impressions appointment costs $50 and is needed for all custom earplugs. They will take up to 2 weeks to be made and we will get in contact with you once they are back. You can choose whether you pick them up or we can we courier them to you.

Sleep Custom Ear Plugs

Sleep plugs fit nicely into your canal so they are comfortable to lie on. Sleep plugs cost $200 per pair (plus $50 for the impressions).

Swim Custom Ear Plugs

Swim plugs float and can come in a variety of colours.

Custom ear plugs for those with grommets

Custom ear plugs are used for children or adults who have grommets, they stop water from getting into the middle ear space through the grommet the ear plugs stop pain and infection while swimming and in the bath or shower.

Exostoses (Surfers ear)

Also for adults who have surfers ear (exostoses). Exostoses are bone growths in the ear canal that occur from spending a lot of time in cold water. These are very common in New Zealanders. The ear plugs stop the cold water getting into the ear canal and stops the exostoses increasing in size.  Swim plugs cost $200 per pair (plus $50 for impressions)

ER Musician Custom Ear Plugs

Etomotic research (ER) musicians ear plugs are designed to attenuate (reduce sound) across all frequencies equally. This is important for musicians who need to hear the fine detail of music.  They come in 3 level of attenuation (sound dampening) 9dB – often used by singers; 15dB – often used by general band players (ie guitar, bass); 25dB – often used by drummers. The level of attenuation can be interchanged by swapping the filters around.

ER Musician ear plugs (hard moulds) – $330 and includes one set of attenuation filters. Extra filters can be purchased separately and cost – $60 each ($120 for a set).

Other Custom Ear Plugs

Custom noise plugs – $200 per pair; Hocks noise breaker – $200 per pair; Pro Series musician earplugs (soft moulds) – $290 per pair; GSP-1 Electronic Ear Plugs for shooting – $695 per pair; GSP-15 Electronic Ear Plugs for shooting (and other noise)  – $725 per pair; HD-15 Electronic Ear Plugs for blast and industrial noise – $725 per pair; MP-9/15 Electronic Ear Plugs for musicians – $725 per pair.

Advice on hearing protection and conservation.

We provide baseline hearing testing and custom ear plugs as required.  This includes a baseline hearing assessment and impressions for custom hearing protection.