Our Team

Shirley Chen- Practice Manager

Shirley Chen - Practice Manager

At Auckland Hearing, we pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful, while we assist you with your hearing needs.

Shirley Chen is our Practice Manager at Auckland Hearing. Shirley will welcome you to the clinic once you arrive and will be there to answer your emails and phone calls.

Yvonne Chan – Audiologist

Yvonne Chan is an Audiologist working at Auckland Hearing.

Hearing loss affects people in individual ways, Yvonne believes in getting a thorough understanding of your needs and difficulties to ensure the highest quality of care. During your appointment, Yvonne will work with you to help you make the best choices from the many solutions that are available. She is passionate about helping you hear clearly in a relaxed way so you can enjoy the moment.

Yvonne holds a Master’s Degree of Audiology from the University of Auckland. During her studies, her research interests were in dizziness and traumatic brain injuries, which can be related to hearing.

Yvonne is fluent in Chinese and can provide services in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Maree O’Sullivan – Audiologist

Maree O'Sullivan - Audiologist

Maree O’Sullivan is an Audiologist working in Ellerslie. Her focus is assisting adults with hearing loss, to improve their communication with family, friends and colleagues.

After the hearing test, Maree will clearly communicate your hearing results for you and discuss the next steps, as required. These may include hearing or tinnitus management strategies, the trial of hearing devices or referral to another professional. She will take into account your individual needs when planning the way forward.

If you are interested in trialling hearing devices, we usually set aside time for you to have a listen in the clinic, so you can experience for yourself the benefits of hearing through hearing aids.


Our values at Auckland Hearing

Open communication

We empowering our clients with enough information to make the decisions that are right for them

Relationship Focused

We believe in getting to know our clients well enough so we can help in a way that suits them best

Long term hearing success is our goal

Take the extra steps to ensure hearing success for the long term


Choosing the products and accessories that are best aligned with the client.

Maree and Yvonne- your friendly Audiologists at Auckland Hearing

Maree and Yvonne – Your Audiologists at Auckland Hearing