Our Team

Who we are

At Auckland Hearing, we pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful, while we help you with your hearing needs.

Anna is our friendly and helpful clinic coordinator. She is your first port of call for any hearing test appointments, queries, follow-ups and repairs. She is very capable of helping you with your onsite hearing aid repairs including changing wax systems, receivers and sending your hearing aids off to the manufacturer when needed.

Anna Bolton

Previously I was a travel agent for 20 years and having listened to peoples dreams about travel destinations has made me a good listener and I think of getting fitted with hearing aids a bit of a journey of discovery too. I have been a clinic co-ordinator for two years at Auckland Hearing. I live in Ellerslie with my husband and our two children.

My husband is deaf in one ear, so my family and I have experienced first hand what it is like to live with someone with a hearing loss. After he got fitted with hearing aids, we noticed that we did not have to repeat things and most importantly he did not have to think about where he placed his self around a board table at his work meetings. Also, the TV has gone done a few decibels…..thank goodness.

I enjoy working at Auckland Hearing, and I get great job satisfaction from meeting clients who initially have hearing loss and are struggling to hear and then leave the clinic with new hearing aids and are happy and engaged.

Maree O’Sullivan

Maree O’Sullivan is an independent Audiologist working in her privately owned clinic in Ellerslie. Her focus is assisting adults with hearing loss, to improve their communication with family, friends and colleagues.

After the hearing test, Maree will clearly communicate your hearing results to you as well as your next steps, as required. These may include hearing or tinnitus management strategies, the trial of hearing devices or referral to another professional if needed.

If you are interested in trialing hearing devices, we usually set aside time for you to have a listen in the clinic, so you can experience for yourself the benefits of hearing through hearing aids.