6 Reasons Rechargeable Hearing Aids Make Your Life Easier

Oticon rechargable hearing aids

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  1. No hassle with disposable batteries

  2. You get a full day of hearing, including streaming, on one charge

  3. Charge at night! It takes just three hours to fully charge

  4. Quick recharge – 30 minutes for an additional six hours of power

  5. Smart automatic ON/OFF: hearing aids start charging automatically when placed in the charger and turn on automatically when removed from the charger

  6. State-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology

Oticon rechargable hearing aids- night stand
  • ACC hearing aid funding – Included products and services

    ACC covers the cost of accidents in New Zealand ACC provides “comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand. This means you can apply for our help, no matter how you got injured, or whose fault it was” – ACC website ACC has

  • Your Hearing Journey

    A hearing journey – Your path to hearing again

    Your Hearing Journey - The path to hearing again Hearing loss, hearing aids & making your decision Hearing loss, getting and then wearing hearing aids has been described as a hearing journey. Hearing loss is often gradual, it takes time to become aware of

  • Tinnitus

    What is that ringing in my ears?

    Tinnitus – where is that sound coming from? Tinnitus is the name given to sound or noise heard in the head that does not come from an external source. Tinnitus comes from the Latin word tinnire which means “to ring”, but not everybody will

  • Hearing aid discussion

    Why are my hearing aids whistling? What is causing that noise?

    Are your hearing aids whistling? What is causing that noise? Acoustic feedback in current hearing aids The whistling noise hearing aids may make is called acoustic feedback (often known as feedback). Feedback can sound like a squeal, buzzing, ringing, or a whistle. This

  • Did you know that hearing loss is linked to memory loss and dementia?

    Did you know that hearing loss is linked to memory loss and dementia Hearing loss is widespread, and it affects people of all ages. There are many reasons for hearing loss including hereditary factors, noise exposure, trauma and ear disease.  Hearing