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Hearing aid consultation

Hearing Aid Consultation or Evaluation

During your hearing aid consultation, we spend time getting to know what is important to you. This helps us to understand your real hearing needs and challenges that you want to solve with your hearing. From here we can design a solution that is personalised to you. We record specifically the areas that you want to be improved so that we can check that we have achieved this at the end of the trial. To choose the right hearing aids for you we take into account your:

  • Hearing loss and other physical factors

  • Lifestyle and your hearing needs

  • Preferences i.e. what the hearing aid will look like or specific functionality

  • Funding – you may be eligible for funding from a government agency

  • Your budget – we need to find a solution at a price you feel comfortable with

We match the best hearing aids for your needs by finding out about the listening environments you are in, where you are having the most hearing difficulty hearing. We also discuss your preferences, like what your hearing aids will look like or the functionality you prefer. As an independent hearing aid clinic, we can choose the hearing aids we believe are best suited to you. For example, often clients prefer their hearing aids to work automatically all day, others would like more control or connectivity to other devices like the phone, TV and or an external microphone.

Before we can begin your hearing aid consultation we need a recent hearing test (last 12 months). If you have one, please bring it along, if not we will test your hearing before we begin; During your consultation, we will clearly explain the hearing aid fitting procedure so you are comfortable with the process.


At your appointment

  • Hearing loss and other physical factors

  • If you need a hearing test first we will set aside 90 minutes.

  • At this appointment, we usually give you an opportunity to listen with hearing aids and even have a coffee in the cafe next door while wearing them if we have time.

  • A second opinion appointment (where you are currently trialing hearing aid with another clinic) is $120 and this will be refunded if you choose to have hearing aids fitted with us.

  • A hearing aid adjustment will take 30 minutes.

  • A hearing aid adjustment and hearing test together will take 1 hour.

Hearing aid evaluations (of your current hearing aids)

Hearing aid adjustment/reprogramming. Have you stopped wearing your hearing aids and feel you need to start again? Or is the sound not quite right for you? Are your hearing aids whistling? We can most likely put you back on track.

We will assess how your hearing aids are working and optimise (adjust and reprogram) them for your current hearing levels. We will make you new ear moulds if needed.

We also do hearing aid repairs. If we can not fix it in the clinic we can send it off to the supplier for repair on your behalf.

Detect sound with your ears – Hear with your brain

We hear with our ears right? That’s how we’ve always considered it. But when we think about hearing, we really mean how we use the sounds we collect from our ears. You actually hear with your brain. The brain has many complex hearing functions, including filtering the sound coming from our ears so we can focus on what is important and matching sounds we hear to what is already familiar to us. Often we do not notice familiar sounds because our subconscious brain accepts them as normal.  We do notice new sounds and words that are important to us. They jump into our consciousness. For example, we are more likely to notice if someone says our name. When you first get hearing aids you will

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