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Quickguard Wax Filters protect your ear moulds to protect the hearing aids from being blocked up with wax.

They should be changed monthly.


FYI – the wax filters that fit directly into the end of the receivers (loudspeakers) are a different size- they are called Signia Mini Receiver Wax Guards.

1 in stock


These Wax Filters protect your hearing aid receiver from the effects of ear wax.

Quickguard filters fit directly into your earmoulds, or on the end of your in-the-ear hearing aids.


Product details:

There are 8 filters in one pack.

Quickguards are the newer generation of wax guards used on all Signia ear moulds. They have replaced the Siemens HF4 Pro Wax Filters which were red and blue in colour.


How to change your Wax Filters:

  1. Clean your earmould with a cloth
  2. Take out the black stick from the Wax Filter pack. There are two different ends to the black stick.
  3. Use the black end to pick up the old filer in the earmould (by using a screwing movement).
  4. Turn black stick around and insert the new filter (white end) into the now empty slot. It should fit snugly.
  5. Dispose of the black stick and the old filter.
  6. They should be changed monthly.

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