You may qualify for ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) hearing aid funding if you:

  • have had an accident in New Zealand that caused hearing loss in one or both ears
  • have worked in a noisy environment in New Zealand, and you believe that it caused your hearing loss.

How do you apply for ACC hearing aid funding?

ACC provides three levels of funding

The level of ACC hearing aid funding for each claimant is decided by assessing each person’s situation and attributing how much of the hearing loss is due to the accident or noise exposure.

ACC hearing aid funding for both ears (Binaural)

  • Level 1 – $ 3157.90 (incl GST)
  • Level 2 – $3904.40 (incl GST)
  • Level 3 – $4953.05 (incl GST)

ACC hearing aid funding for one ear (Monaural)

  • Level 1 – $ 1873.35 (incl GST)
  • Level 2 – $ 2247.10 (incl GST)
  • Level 3 – $ 2770.93 (incl GST)

How to apply for ACC hearing aid funding

  1. See you GP – Your GP will send the ACC45 form to ACC

    The ACC hearing aid funding process starts with a visit to your GP. Your GP will need to apply to ACC on your behalf.

  2. Fill out and return forms to ACC. 

    ACC will send you a pack with information and some forms to fill in and send back to them. For example, they will ask about your accident or work history.

  3. Audiologist Assessment

    ACC will send you a request to see an Audiologist for a full diagnostic hearing assessment. Please give us a call at Auckland Hearing; we will make you an appointment. We will do a full diagnostic hearing test and fill in the forms to send them back to ACC. ACC covers the cost of this hearing test.

  4. ENT specialist appointment

    ACC will make you an appointment to see an ENT specialist. They will decide how much of your hearing loss is due to noise and how much is from other things, i.e. age. ACC covers the cost of this appointment.

  5. ACC Hearing aid funding

    ACC will make their decision and send you a letter letting you know at which level of funding you have qualified.

  6. Hearing needs assessment 

    We will see you again at Auckland Hearing for a need assessment appointment to decide which hearing aids are best for you.

  7. Fully funded hearing aids

    We can provide fully funded hearing aids at all funding levels, or you can top up to other hearing aids if you choose to.

More information

In 2014 funding was changed and improved for ACC claimants. Here are some more details about the current ACC funding system.

How to order your ACC funded hearing aids batteries

If you do not feel ACC is the right path for you, please check out the other hearing aid funding options in New Zealand.

Getting started with your ACC application

If you are unsure whether you could be eligible for an ACC claim or would like more information, please make an appointment at Auckland Hearing. We will do a full diagnostic hearing assessment and discuss your options and the way forward.