Putting your custom earplugs in your ears.

Custom earplugs
Custom Sleep plugs

Red is for the right ear and Blue is for the left ear. The removal cord sits at the bottom of your ear canal. To put your custom earplugs in, hold them with your thumb on the bottom (near the removal cord) and finger on the top and they will easily slide in.

Your custom earplugs may be a bit grippy at first, you can use some water-based lubricant to help them fit in if needed.

Cleaning your earplugs

Each time you use your earplugs give your earplugs a wipe with a tissue or a soft cloth when you take them out. Please store them in the case that they came with and keep them away from moisture, heat or direct sunlight.

Your custom sleep earplugs (pictured above) can be cleaned in hot soapy water, then rinsed. Allow them to dry out before wearing them.

The filters in a musician (or other) earplugs must not be immersed in water.

To clean them, the filters can be popped out with a gentle squeeze and then you can clean the plugs in soapy water.

Dry your earplugs thoroughly before putting the filters back.

How long do earplugs last?

Our ears continue to grow over our lifetime and silicon shrinks.  This means that over time the earplugs will become looser and will not block as much sound (or swim plugs may let water in). With a lot of wear, earplugs discolour or the material may stiffen.

Your custom earplugs could last many years but may not be as effective after a few years. Children’s earplugs for swimming need to be replaced more often as their ear shape and size is continually changing. For optimal function, it is recommended you get new earplugs every 2 – 4 years (depending on what you are using them for).

Replacing lost ear plugs

The company that makes your earplugs keeps a copy of your ear impressions on file. This means if you lose one or both plugs they can be remade easily. Just give us a call and we will reorder them for you. The amount of time
your impression files are kept is variable between companies (from 2 – 4 years). After that time you will need to come back into the clinic for new ear impressions to be made.