As hearing loss increases in severity it makes conversation more difficult and stops us connecting with our friends and family. Some people need a simple solution that helps them hear their TV, listen to music and family and friends. The Set 900 by Sennheiser will help you hear music, family and the TV again.

Introducing the Set 900 by Sennheiser

Women wearing Sennheiser Set 900

This headset offers crystal clear audio in a lightweight, comfortable design. There are 3 settings to optimise speech understanding on the device and a large volume control that allows you to conveniently adjust volume without hassle.

The Set 900 by Sennheiser is simple to use, just place to your ears like a stethoscope and listen. Once you are finished place it back in the charging cradle to keep the battery charged.

This is ideal for those wanting an easy way to keep communicating with family and friends but where manual dexterity or poor vision is getting in the way.

Three listening options

  1. Use the Set 900 by Sennheiser to follow the conversation with family and friends.
  2. Connect directly to the TV or music. By connecting the transmitter to your TV or sound system you can send the sound directly to the Set 900 receiver.
  3. At the theatre – your will get amplified stereo sound when you are out and about and in rooms equipped with infra-red technology (like the theatre).
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Use immediately

To get started with your Set 900 by Sennheiser you just need to charge it then use it. No need for a hearing test or to travel to the clinic.