Oticon More Hearing aids – Released 2021

Oticon has always emphasized that we hear not just with our ears but with our brains. So they have announced their latest hearing aids – Oticon More. It runs on a whole new Polaris platform with stronger processing power. Before we update you to show you what is new, let’s talk about Oticon first.

Oticon is a strong hearing aid brand with a long history of helping people with hearing loss to hear better and easier

Oticon hearing aids have long been able to amplify for a wide range of hearing losses from mild to profound, and they have good consistent sound quality. Oticon hearing aids have been around for over 115 years and pride themselves on the quality and reliability of their hearing aids. Oticon is one of the hearing aid brands owned by their parent company, Demant, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

An enriched surround sound experience. While many manufacturers narrow down on the speaker’s direction (using directional microphones), recent Oticon hearing aids have aimed to retain more information from the sound scene for a more open sound experience. Oticon released Opn in 2016 and Opn S in 2018. These hearing aids prioritised speech sounds, no matter which direction the speaker is in. The goal is that the brain is provided with enough information to feel part of the environment while the hearing aids prioritize speech sounds from any direction.

Replaceable rechargeable batteries. The Oticon lithium-ion battery system is designed so your Audiologist can replace the batteries in the clinic. All other brands have integrated lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which need to be sent in for a repair/replacement if the batteries need changing.

Easy to use remote care available. This means your Audiologist can adjust your hearing aids from anywhere, as long as your hearing aids are connected to your mobile phone.

In addition, Oticon hearing aids have a weatherproofing (dust/water) standard of IP68. This means they are more resistant to wear and tear than previous hearing aids, especially those with single-use batteries.

Oticon More hearing aids - Brain hearing

Oticon More Hearing Aids – What’s new? 

Oticon More hearing aids – Take hearing clarity to the next level.  Building on the Opn S technology, More hearing aids have adopted artificial intelligence when designing their new sound processing. It makes the sound even easier for your brain to hear!

More hearing aids have been trained using a Deep neural network to improve the soundscape and increase speech understanding in busy background noise. When developing this new platform, they used 12 million real-life sound samples to train the hearing aids. Through artificial intelligence, More hearing aids learned which sounds are important based on experience.

This neural network gives rise to a very intricate set of rules to deal with all sorts of sounds. As a result, the sound you hear is well contrasted, well balanced, and crisp. In addition, the open nature of sound processing means that speech is clear if more than one person is talking in different directions.


Connect your Oticon hearing aids to more devices

They can now connect to more devices easier… and for longer.  In the past, Oticon aids have streamed directly to Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. They are now also compatible with the Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) protocol in newer android phones. This means you can watch videos or listen to music directly from the hearing aids.

Oticon hearing aids offer Bluetooth low energy. As the name suggests, they use less energy, which allows for longer battery life, even while streaming.

The Oticon On App

Oticon ON acts as a remote control for your hearing aids. You can also stream phone calls, podcasts or music directly from your phone, allowing you to hear easily and clearly from both ears.

Oticon On app- More Hearing Aids

Oticon On App updates with More

A new feature of More hearing aids on the Oticon On app lets users edit the proportion of the streaming sound in three different bands. There is also a MoreSound Booster- which will help you hear a bit clearer when listening to someone who is wearing a mask.

Graphic Equalizer- Oticon on App

Oticon ON also unlocks the power of the Internet of Things. IFTTT (If This Then That) is an ever-expanding internet-based service, which enables you to integrate your hearing solution with a vast range of products and solutions. For example home appliances, lighting systems, mobile phones, e-mail, calendars, and much more.

Levels of Technology for Oticon More Hearing aids

Every manufacturer offers devices at various technology levels. Oticon More hearing aids have 3 technology levels, More 1, More 2 and More 3. At this stage, they are only available in the RITE (receiver in the ear style) and are rechargeable. All of these hearing aids have the flexibility to fit a wide range of hearing losses by changing the receiver to match the right level of amplification needed. All three levels of hearing aids look the same from the outside. The features on the inside of the More hearing aids reflect the level of technology and this is linked directly to the price of the hearing aids.

More 1 is the highest level of technology and has all of the features available for these hearing aids. They work well in complex listening situations and have refined sound quality. This is because the frequency response (pitches) are broken into smaller segments with the highest level hearing ads which gives a more precise, clear and comfortable listening experience. Top-end technology hearing aids like More 1 have all of the premium features and suit people with high listening needs. Lower technology (and priced) hearing aids have less sophisticated features and will work well in quieter listening environments.

The hearing aid price categories described below give you a feel for how hearing aids are classified. Please call the clinic for more details of these price ranges.

Oticon has added a new colour “hear pink”.

While most people like to choose a hearing aid colour that is close to their hair colour, there is a new colour, hear pink, for those who love to embrace their hearing and don’t mind making a loud and bold statement.

Oticon More Colours

Your Needs Assessment – Choosing the right hearing aids for you

When you come for your consultation, we will discuss your individual hearing needs and then match the best technology for you. We choose from a wide range of hearing aid brands so we can select the most appropriate hearing aids for your needs.

An appointment for a hearing aid consultation at Auckland Hearing is free of charge. We require a current full hearing test at this appointment (less than one-year-old). Before the hearing consultation, you can bring along a recent full hearing test or do a diagnostic hearing assessment.

We usually program some hearing aids for you to try at this appointment; this allows you to experience how hearing aids help you hear easier and more clearly.

We make sure your goals are met

We record and clarify specific areas where you would like an improvement in your hearing at the needs assessment. Then after you have been wearing your hearing aids for a few weeks, we can check we have met your specific hearing needs. That is how we know we have chosen the right hearing aids for you.

More details about our hearing needs assessment process here

Summary of what’s in the Oticon More Hearing Aids

  1. Artificial intelligence (and deep neural processing) was used to create a More balanced sound experience and better speech understanding in busy background noise.

  2. Increased battery life for rechargeable hearing aids.

  3. Connectivity with More mobile devices including streaming to Android devices.

  4. An updated Oticon On App that lets you alter the phone streaming experience.

  5. Selection of colours including the new ‘hear pink’.

More about the process of getting hearing aids

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